Listen to a new brand new hour-long ambient mix by Sam DFL

Sam DFL – who DJed at Ambience Chasers a few months ago – has sent us this incredible mix.

Here’s the full tracklisting:

1. Darshan Ambient ‘The Geometer Of Sleep’
2. Pitch Black ‘Empty Spaces Missing Units’
3. Scann-Tec ‘Hope’
4. Sounds From The Ground ‘Dune’
5. Carbon Based Lifeforms ‘Interloper’
6. Ascendant ‘Elliptical Memory’
7. Jens Buchert ‘In The Mirror’
8. Zer0 One ‘Simplexity’
9. Recondite ‘Still’
10. Scann-Tec ‘Phone Call’
11. Union Jack ‘Water Drums’

Sit back, relax, have a listen and prepare yourself for the next Ambience Chasers which takes place at The Social tomorrow night (April 24) with live sets from Mylar Melodies, Dalham and guest DJ Jon Tye (Seahawks/Lo Recordings). Entry is free.