Dean Wareham has revealed the full details of his debut solo album proper. The self-titled album was produced by Jim James of My Morning Jacket at his home studio in Louisville, Kentucky, and is released on March 10. It is available to pre-order from iTunes now, with an instant download of the song ‘Holding Pattern’, which you can hear below.

One listen to those duelling guitars will make it abundantly clear that the new record is almost the opposite of the hushed and understated mini-album ‘Emancipated Hearts’ that was released late last year. Not every song has a chorus listing AOR bands like this one (“Kansas, Boston, Toto, Journey, Foreigner and Styx…”), but ‘Dean Wareham’ is certainly a much more direct listening experience.

Dean explained how he hooked up with Jim James: “I bought My Morning Jacket’s first album, ‘The Tennessee Fire’, back in 1999 and loved it. That year I mentioned it in a top ten list, and remember getting an email from Jim James a few months later, just saying hi and thanks. Jim told me that when the band started out they kept seeing reviews where they were compared to Galaxie 500 – a band he had never even heard. Perhaps this is on account of the generous amounts of reverb on his voice, or the fact that he would belt things out loud and high.

“In the Spring of 2012 I had dinner with Jim’s manager (and a friend of mine for years now) Mike Martinovich, and wound up having drinks back at his Flatiron office late that night, where he played me a few tracks from Jim’s freshly-recorded solo album, which I just loved. I commented how great the production was. And Mike suggested we should think about collaborating on something.

“That summer My Morning Jacket curated the Forecastle Festival in Louisville. Jim invited me to perform a set of Galaxie 500 songs, and after the festival was over to stay at his house to record a few things. I moved in there with my band [Britta Phillips on bass, Anthony LaMarca on drums]. Jim has a pretty great set-up, a nice Trident desk in one room, we set up drums in the living room, guitar amps in the garage, and I sang in Jim’s den. We recorded ‘The Dancer Disappears’, ‘Heartless People’ [the only cover version on the album, written by Michael Holland] and ‘Babes In The Wood’, which came out so great that we pretty much decided right there to come back in a few months and finish a whole album.”

The full tracklisting for ‘Dean Wareham’ is:

1. The Dancer Disappears
2. Beat The Devil
3. Heartless People
4. My Eyes Are Blue
5. Love Is Not A Roof Against The Rain
6. Holding Pattern
7. I Can Only Give My All
8. Babes In The Wood
9. Happy & Free
10. Happy & Free (Jim James Remix) – iTunes only

That’s the stunning front cover below, beautifully designed by Sharon Lock who was also responsible for the incredible artwork for Cheval Sombre’s ‘Mad Love’.

We will be taking pre-orders from the Sonic Cathedral Shop for this and other upcoming releases very soon.