February 18

Slowdive released their second single ‘Morningrise’. In an interview with Melody Maker, the band said they chose it as the A-side over ‘She Calls’ and the sublime ‘Losing Today’ because “it was a better song to do a video for”.

Before getting EMF to wade in with their unbelievable and unwanted opinions, NME asked: “What’s the point? This sort of stuff was done to death by far abler characters some time ago and its corpse should be left to rot in the 4AD archives in peace”. 

Meanwhile, writing in Melody Maker, Bob Stanley said: “Slowdive have more potential than any other post-Valentines combo. As long as they don’t keep writing A-sides to fit their videos, they will create some of the most wayward and bejewelled records of tomorrow.”

And they did.

Kitchens Of Distinction released their Drive That Fast EP. Here’s the video for the title track, as broadcast on Snub TV on release day…

Also on Snub TV that day were Catherine Wheel, performing ‘She’s My Friend’ from their debut EP, which had been quietly released by Norwich’s Wilde Club Records at the end of January.