April 29

Chapterhouse released their debut album, Whirlpool, to universal acclaim from the music press.

NME gave it 8/10 saying that the Reading five-piece captured “that tricky balance between raw energy and ethereality” and that the album was “a fluent first stab at stardom and beyond”.

“They’d probably like to be My Bloody Valentine but, thankfully, they’re too enthusiastically engaged in the mechanics of oblivion, too fucking attactrive actually, to disappear,” wrote Steve Sutherland in Melody Maker’s rapturous review. “So MBV martyr themselves on the pyre of wilful anonymity while Chapterhouse take the candy. Cool. Chapterhouse are about to be major pop stars because they’re so furiously fey and they don’t for one moment notice the contradiction in that… We know where they are and we know where they’re going. To the very top.”