June 3

Slowdive released their third EP, Holding Our Breath, which included the classic ‘Catch The Breeze’ and their cover of Syd Barrett’s (via James Joyce) ‘Golden Hair’. They also made a video for the track, ‘Shine’.

The EP was awarded Single Of The Week in Melody Maker who described it as “a transient, translucent ice-shower which skirts and drifts around the edges of silence, delighted in its own fabulous state of hardly-being. You’d better believe it. Slowdive are impossible, immaculate and serene”.

NME was less impressed, saying that “all this droning and whimpering and ‘shimmering’ just reminds one of talking a boring mate down from an acid trip, stuck in a lay-by at five in the morning”.

To make matters worse, they had Blur in to review the singles. Damon Albarn said how he had enjoyed watching Slowdive play live, but the record just wasn’t exciting. He concluded: “I just wish these bands would be less preoccupied with being amazingly cool and hip and just…“

“…be a bit more sexy,” added Alex James.

And he should know all about that, the Tory wanker.