June 8

Steve Sutherland of Melody Maker coined the catch-all description The Scene That Celebrates Itself in a review of Moose’s well-attended gig at the Camden Underworld.

Meanwhile, shoegazing (note the ‘ing’) was now very much a thing over in NME. Slowdive were featured under the headline ‘Ethereal Gone Kids’ and the introductory paragraph mentioned the s-word (which was also used to describe Moose in the same issue). Playing to the crowd, the band promised to include “a smattering of your sonic cathedrals” on their forthcoming debut album.

Finally, Ride and The Boo Radleys were part of the support bill for the Pixies’ big open-air gig at Crystal Palace Bowl. (Toilet break during Cud.) There’s an interview with Ride from the day in the video below, plus some performance footage, including ‘B-Song’ which is now better known as ‘Leave Them All Behind’.

And here’s a short snippet of ‘The Finest Kiss’ from The Boo Radleys’ set, and a brief interview…