Lorelle Meets The Obsolete rework Gnoomes for new album Tshack Remixed!

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete have reworked Gnoomes’ track ‘ASDR Eurgraph’ for a new album of remixes.

Tschak Remixed! features the whole of the Russian band’s most recent album reimagined by people they admire, including other friends of Sonic Cathedral such as Ulrich Schnauss.

The album is out now digitally and on a limited-edition cassette that can be bought here.

The two bands became firm friends after playing a few shows together in 2016 and the remix returns the favour after Gnoomes reworked Lorelle Meets The Obsolete’s ‘The Sound Of All Things’ earlier this year – the last few copies of the red vinyl 7” version can be found here.