Spectres’ brand new six-track WTF EP is out today on digital and ‘car crash’ vinyl

Spectres release their brand new WTF EP today (May 25).

It’s basically a final check in the rear-view mirror for 2017’s second album Condition, which was acclaimed at the time of release, but largely forgotten about by the end of a year which saw some major changes in the band, with frontman Joe Hatt relocating to Berlin and long-time producer Dominic Mitchison joining on bass.

WTF pairs one of the highlights of Condition – ‘Welcoming The Flowers’ – with remixes of other album tracks by the likes of Metrist, who melts ‘Dissolve’ in an acid bath of broken techno; Elvin Brandhi (aka one half of Yeah You) and Mun Sing (aka one half of Giant Swan) who turn ‘End Waltz’ into, respectively, a glitchy explosion of sound and a tribal industrial monster; finally French Margot and Silver Waves place a noose of ethereal beauty and bloody-minded sonic terrorism around ‘Neck’.

The EP is available digitally in all the usual places and also as a very limited ‘car crash in a bag’ package, with a windscreen coloured vinyl 12”, printed lyric sheet, an air freshener and a small bag of sand. Buy it here.

The full tracklisting for the WTF EP is:

  1. ‘Dissolve’ (Metrist Remix)
  2. ‘Welcoming The Flowers’ (WTF Version)
  3. ‘Neck’ (French Margot Remix)
  4. ‘End Waltz’ (Elvin Brandhi Remix)
  5. ‘Neck’ (Silver Waves Remix)
  6. ‘End Waltz’ (Mun Sing Remix)