Sobrenadar announces first ever international album release on Sonic Cathedral

We are very proud to announce the first ever international release from the Argentinian singer and producer Sobrenadar. It is called y (and) because it combines her two most recent self-released EPs, Dromer and Habita.

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Sobrenadar is the solo project of Paula García and translates as supernatant – essentially floating on the surface of a liquid – the perfect description of the music she has been making since 2006. Inspired by “soundtracks, music of past times, ’70s, ’80s, ambient, downtempo, Air, Boards Of Canada, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Grouper… a lot”, her mix of reverby beats, electronic elements, guitars and vocals could be described as a kind of deep-sea dreampop. After three bedroom-recorded albums, Paula travelled to Paris for sessions at the Red Bull Music Academy and the songs she recorded there between 2016 and 2017 form the basis of y.

“The experience was enriching and unforgettable,” she recalls of her time in the French capital. “It is a place where you are absorbing knowledge 24 hours a day and also fighting against your own insecurities and doubts. You have to take everything to the fullest. Half of the songs had already been started, but I was able to add a beautiful Juno and some guitars. A year later, with the great Tibo Javoy [who has worked with Zombie Zombie, Jarvis Cocker and Keren Ann, among others], I finished the remainder. He worked each song perfectly and understood the project in its entirety.”

Around the same time, Paula received an email from the experimental ambient musician Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, asking her to contribute some vocals to his new album, On The Echoing Green. The two tracks on which she appeared – ‘A Song Of Summer’ and ‘Tenderness’ – proved to be the highlights and won her wider exposure, and the album a decent 7.7 review from Pitchfork.

“It was a great experience for me, because what Jefre does is the kind of music that I like to listen to,” she explains. “It’s definitely something I’d like to do again – at the moment I’m listening to a lot of Gaussian Curve, so I’d love to work with Gigi Masin.”

Paula is now based in Buenos Aires, but grew up in Resistencia in the north of Argentina. Her musical memories begin with her playing around with a Yamaha keyboard at the age of six.

“At the beginning my mother taught me some songs as a game,” she laughs, “but then I remember spending many hours playing it – I was totally hooked. Then then the guitar lessons came, and many years later I found the beloved FruityLoops, which I used to record my first album, typing the computer keyboard to play the notes…”

Now, in 2018, following visits to the country by reformed bands such as Slowdive, there is a growing shoegaze/dreampop scene in Buenos Aires and beyond. “Argentina is a big country and, in general terms, it is a bit traditional, so scenes can be small but strong,” explains Paula. “But in the last few years it has grown more and more with bands such as Altocamet, Asalto al Parque Zoologico, Niños del Parque, Acuática and many more.”

With y – and the remixes of its tracks by the aforementioned Slowdive, Mark Peters, XAM and more – it looks like Sobrenadar is ready to break out of the scene and float into international waters.