Lorelle Meets The Obsolete announce new Re-Facto EP

Mexican psych duo, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, release a new EP, Re-Facto, on March 13. It is intended as a companion piece to their fifth album, De Facto, which was released in January 2019 to great critical acclaim and ended up at number five in Piccadilly Records’ albums of the year list.

The EP will be available digitally and as a limited edition ‘moon phase’ 12”, pressed on translucent orange and green vinyl.

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Lead track ‘Fosas Limitadas’ is percussion heavy with strident synths and choppy guitars, like a strange mix of Stereolab and Wire, before bursting into a chorus that sounds like the best Spanish psych-pop single you’ve never heard. An appropriate analogy as, according to singer/guitarist Lorena Quintanilla, the song (the title of which translates as ‘limited graves’) “talks about the inconsistency of our memories”.

“I like the rhythm – the demo made me think of [Survivor’s] ‘Eye Of The Tiger’,” adds guitarist Alberto González, with a laugh. “It’s a fun song in a weird way. It sounds like if it was melting…”

The other new track, ‘El Olivo’, is a lament for the old house they lived in when they first moved to the coastal city of Ensenada. “Lorena had a dream about this huge olive tree,” explains Alberto. “In the dream, there was golden oil emerging from it and she saw the tree as an infinite source of abundancy and wellness. A year after her dream, we moved to that 100-year old house and it turns out there was an old olive tree in the backyard. The tree is now gone, along with the house – the greedy owners demolished everything in the property to build a gym or some other elitist business.”

The EP is rounded out by radical remixes of two songs from De Facto. CC Crain, aka Cooper Crain from Cave and Bitchin Bajas, turns ‘Lux, Lumina’ into a disturbing dub noise, like Broadcast covering PiL’s Metal Box, while Pye Corner Audio sets the epic ‘Unificado’ adrift on a sea of analogue synths on his reworking, which first saw a digital release late last year.

“We love Pye Corner Audio and we’ve been immersed in his music for so long,” says Lorena. “We feel very touched that we connected with him through this song, which actually talks about connections and unified fields. He really translated the song into his musical language.”

“We heard his remix of Mogwai and we instantly became fans,” clarifies Alberto. “He has pushed ‘Unificado’ into a dystopian future.”

“Cooper mixed De Facto, so he had a hard time actually remixing one of the songs,” Lorena says of the reworking of ‘Lux, Lumina’. “But the result was amazing, very playful with a little bit of a paranoid feeling. He said he tried to do everything live on the board with real time effects and muting.”

“He is such a chameleonic artist that we didn’t know what to expect,” adds Alberto, “but when we received his remix for we were completely confused with happiness.”

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete tour the United States and Canada next month, including a number of dates co-headlining with The Underground Youth and also as Showcasing Artists at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and will return to the UK and Europe later in the year.

For the full list of dates, plus information and ticket links, go to the Live page.

Photograph by Congestion Nasal