Listen to the late Andrew Weatherall’s Ambience Chasers mix

Here – uploaded for the first time – is the incredible mix that the late Andrew Weatherall made for us, based on the set he played at our Ambience Chasers night on May 30, 2017 which blew peoples’ minds.

It turned out that he’d played a lot of his then unreleased new album (Qualia, which came out on Höga Nord later that year), so he removed those tracks from this version, which we gave away on a free CD as a way of enticing people down to The Social on a Tuesday night.

The full tracklisting (with a lot of overdubbed Alan Moore) is:

1 The Stranger – ‘About To Enter A Strange New Period’
2 Kammerflimmer Kollektief – ‘In Transition’
3 Sterling Roswell – ‘Give Peace Another Chance (Voyager Mix)’
4 Marsen Jules – ‘Point Of No Return’
5 Deuter – ‘Susani’
6 Komodo Kolektif – ‘Binaural Bintaro’
7 Martin Venetjoki – ‘Title Unknown’
8 Tiny Vipers – ‘Living On A Curve’
9 Bled Beraku – ‘Koha 3’

Read our tribute to the generous genius here.