Introducing Running Shoes – new weekly mixes for training or ’gazing

Since February I’ve been on my third attempt at the Couch to 5k. This time, partly thanks to the lockdown, I think I’ve finally nailed it. The other day I completed my first 30-minute run; slow as a lorry, but a satisfied lorry all the same.

I have been using the NHS Couch to 5k app, which is really useful, but is soundtracked by bargain supermarket-style appropriations of actual songs that are often more of a hindrance than help. I just about tolerated the Tesco Value trance, but things reached a low-point around week seven, with a Lidl Libertines song that was so loathsome, it almost made me give up.

It seems a bit counterproductive to fill such valuable and important time with music so bad, especially when we are into shoegaze – the most euphoric and uplifting music in existence, which also just happens to have more than enough melancholy for when those endorphins wear off again.

So, behold Running Shoes, a new weekly curated mix of shoegaze inspired tunes for running, listening or just ’gazing out of the window to. Each one will be 40 minutes long, with five minutes of warm-up and warm-down sounds at each end, and the all important 30 minutes in the middle for the sweaty bit.

I put together the first mix myself, and it features some inspirational quotes from Sir Roger Bannister, along with the following tracks:

‘Only Once Away My Son’ – Brian Eno & Kevin Shields
‘Touched (Ricardo Tobar Mix)’ – Japancakes
‘The Sky Was Pink (Holden Mix)’ – Nathan Fake
‘Ayisha Abyss (Lindstrøm Mix)’ – Serena Maneesh
‘Volumes’ – Minor Science
‘CC Pad’ – Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini