Trilogie De La Mort by Éliane Radigue – selected by Lorena Quintanilla (Lorelle Meets The Obsolete)

For some of us, the perception of time is transforming – and I would suggest we embrace it. This three-hour masterpiece has been my soundtrack during lockdown and it has turned my physical space into a sacred temple, a flood of sounds and vibrations.

Éliane Radigue came across Buddhism in 1975. She stopped making music and spent three or four years studying with a great master. She even thought about getting rid of her synthesizer, but her master told her: “You must go back and play music again, but it should be an offering as a testimony of your commitment.”

She started work on Trilogie De La Mort in 1985. It was written in three separate parts, the first of which – named ‘Kyema’ – was inspired by the Bardo Thodol (The Tibetan Book Of The Dead) and was finished in 1988. Not long after that, her son had a fatal car accident and she wrote the second part, ‘Kailasha’. The third and final part, ‘Koumé’, was finished in 1993 and dedicated to her master who had also passed away.

It is a spiritual and corporeal experience listening to this album, it reminds me of the phases of meditation. The beginning, when you close your eyes to silence the exterior images; beautiful and quiet darkness that allows you to start to go within. Then the intense noise of the thoughts emerging in several layers, like a wild swarm of bees inside trying to find an exit; physical vibrations shaking the body until you finally release them and take some time to get ready to open your eyes, with a different awareness.

I’m sure the experience will be different from person to person. As Radigue herself has said: “I believe that these sounds can be like a mirror that reflects our state of mind.”