MOLLY pay tribute to Daniel Johnston on new EP of demos

MOLLY have surprise released a brand new EP today (May 1).

The four-track All That Will EP is available exclusively from Bandcamp, who are waiving their fees for the day, and is a collection of demo recordings that pre-dates the Austrian duo’s acclaimed debut album All That Ever Could Have Been, which was released last summer. Following February’s remix EP All That Was, it completes the lyric from the album’s title track and neatly closes the first chapter of the band’s career.

For anyone familiar with the band’s monolithic and mountainous shoegaze sounds, these surprisingly skeletal recordings offer a rare and intimate insight into the band’s songwriting process.

“This is the way we like to work: songs first, fireworks second,” explains frontman Lars Andersson, who reveals that these songs were actually inspired by lo-fi legends Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston.

“I managed to see Daniel Johnston in 2012 when he played in Vienna and we used to cover one of his songs (‘Devil Town’) when we were starting out in 2015. We were saddened by his death last year and have been thinking about doing a tribute in one way or another ever since.

“During the Covid-19 crisis we have had time to go through some of our old iPhone and cassette recordings, dating back to 2014. We picked the best demos and gave them a proper mix so they are listenable, but at the same time don’t lose their lo-fi character.

“I think it might be very interesting for people to hear what was going on before the reverb. This is an intimate EP for intimate times and a tribute to one of the most honest songwriters that ever lived.”