Is this what you wanted to see from bdrmm? New video out now

bdrmm have shared a brand new video for their album track ‘Is That What You Wanted To Hear?’

The song is being given away with pre-orders for Bedroom via Bandcamp and iTunes, and the video was filmed and directed at the start of the lockdown in Mexico by filmmaker Remi, who has also worked on a number of releases by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete.

The weirdly distanced and discomfiting clip was initially shared earlier today (May 5) via the Rough Trade website.

“This is the first track we completely finished in the studio,” says bdrmm frontman Ryan Smith of the song, a highlight of the album’s heavier second side. “It all came together so beautifully, it was a symphony of one takes. It’s got all the parts to be a really pretty song, but it’s not.

“It’s about standing up for yourself. ‘Fine, you win, I never felt what you felt. Is that what you wanted to hear?’. After constantly reassuring somebody you love them and them not believing it, you just give up. There’s only so much truth telling you can withstand before you start lying to yourself.”

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