Mapping out the latest Running Shoes mix with James Chapman

Here’s the fifth in our series of Running Shoes mixes, which has been put together by Maps mainman James Chapman.

It’s a really special selection, featuring tracks by Slowdive, Nathan Fake, Pye Corner Audio, Neu! and the late, great Andrew Weatherall.

Here’s the full tracklisting:

Franz Kirmann ‘Rave Ikon’
Orgue Electronique ‘Qwerty’
Dawn People ‘Never Be Afraid’
Andrew Weatherall ‘Spreads A Haze (And A Glory)’
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band ‘Studio Lam Plearn’
John Tejada ‘Perfomance Review’
Nathan Fake ‘Cry Me A Blizzard’
Pye Corner Audio ‘Print Through’
Slowdive ‘Star Roving’
Neu! ‘Fur Immer (Forever)’
Kelpe ‘A Year And A Day’

James had the following to say about the mix: “It was a real pleasure to contribute a mix to the Running Shoes series. Even though I am not much of a runner myself, I do enjoy getting out and walking when I can, and I find that fresh air and nature is the best food for inspiration and the mind.

“When compiling this mix I just thought about the kind of music I would like to listen to in my headphones when walking, and then increased the tempo and energy quite a bit! It’s mostly paced between 124-128bpm (which seemed like a kind of sweet spot!) and I did my best to keep it flowing rhythmically. There are also some ‘inspirational’ sound effects and vocals sprinkled throughout, which I hope add to the vibe!

“The Franz Kirmann track, which starts the mix, is such a hugely euphoric sound it seemed like a great choice to get people pumped up for the run. Orgue Electronique has always been a favourite artist of mine as well, and this track seemed like a nice way to ease into the running section. Other choices include The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band (who always put a smile on my face) and of course the legendary Andrew Weatherall, who will forever be top of my list when it comes to compiling mixes. I hope the mix provides a good soundtrack for your run, and if not then just for enjoying while pacing around the house. Much love xx”