Mildred Maude keep it Kernow on this week’s Running Shoes mix

This week’s Running Shoes mix has been put together by the Cornish noise-rock trio Mildred Maude, who played one of our favourite gigs of last year when they supported Linda Guilala at The Social.

They have kept it local by including a couple tracks touched by the hand of Richard D James, aka the Aphex Twin, alongside Broadcast, Tortoise, Le Volume Courbe, Fuck Buttons, Bowery Electric and more.

Guitarist Matt Ashdown explains how the mix was put together, while hte bandmembers were self-isolating: “All three of us chose tracks, so it’s a relay – like a school cross-country relay where you skip the idea of a race and just find happiness in your own pace and thoughts, until you see your friend, joyfully pass the baton on, and look forward to hanging out again shortly.”

The full tracklisting for the mix is:

Tortoise ‘Ten-Day Interval’
Broadcast ‘Bit 35’
Le Volume Courbe ‘The House’
Fuck Buttons ‘Olympians’
Aphex Twin ‘Ventolin’ (Wheeze Mix)
Seefeel ‘Time To Find Me’ (AFX Fast Mix)
Moebius & Plank ‘Conditionierer’
Bowery Electric ‘Inside Out’