Salon De Musique by Su Tissue – selected by Brian Case (FACS)

Deep listening usually always begins with something new for me. There are albums I feel as connected to as ones I’ve made, they are as visceral as the writing, recording and performing of my own music, they become a part of you somehow which moves deep listening into a new state, where I find myself remembering how or when I found this music, or spend time researching certain aspects of the recording or arrangements vs letting the music do its thing and actually only listening.

But with unfamiliar music comes discovery, and it’s there that I obsess over only what’s coming out of the speakers. I’m not sure how I stumbled on Su Tissue. I recently went back and watched The Decline Of Western Civilization and I think through trying to find out more about the Bags I followed the history to Suburban Lawns, who Su Tissue sang for. Somehow (it was late), I ended up on the YouTube page for Su’s solo album Salon de Musique. It’s total dream time music, deeply textural and constantly being pushed forward by the addition and subtraction of elements that seemingly rise and fall without reason, but never overtake the repetitive, not looped, piano figure. It could have easily been on ECM but appears to have maybe come out on a private press? I can’t find anything about any other releases by the label (Adversity LTD) on Discogs. This is the kind of record the reissue scene is all about, but there’s nothing. It’s not available on streaming services and no one actually knows what happened to Su Tissue or if she’s even still alive. (Here is a link to a great article about Su Tissue from the sorely missed Outline by Scott Beauchamp.)

At the end of the day, Salon De Musique is simply a beautiful, strange record. There’s a lot to be pulled in by, the mystery surrounding Su Tissue notwithstanding.