Echo Ladies put on their Running Shoes for the latest in our mix series

The seventh in our weekly series of Running Shoes mixes has been put together by Joar Andersén from Swedish shoegaze trio Echo Ladies.

It features a selection of tracks designed to get the blood pumping and also, bizarrely, samples of Boris Johnson.

“I used to be hardcore,” explains Joar of his relationship with running. “I ran, like, 16km two or three times every week. But I ended up totally destroying my right foot. So this mix is my sort of get-back-on-track list with my current favourite guitar and synth-based songs. It has to be agressive to make me keep going. But just take it easy, keep calm and carry on! 

“Oh, and I sampled Boris just because he sounds so stupid and funny…”

The full tracklisting is:

John Carpenter ‘Assault On Precinct 13 Main Title’
TV 6663 ‘Kaheksan Päivää ViikossaTeksti’
This Is Head ‘Repetition Dance’
Kontravoid ‘Native State’
The Knife ‘Silent Shout’
Panther Modern ‘Creep’
Black Marble ‘One Eye Open’
TR/ST9 ‘Capitol’
DAF ‘Der Mussolini’
Snapped Ankles ‘Hanging With The Moon’
John Maus ‘I Don’t Eat Human Beings’

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