Listen to a “hypnotic, uplifting” Running Shoes mix by LoneLady

This week’s Running Shoes mix has been put together by Julie Campbell, aka LoneLady, who has taken time out from working on her third album to put together this “hypnotic, uplifting” selection for us. You can run to it, or just enjoy it for what it is – an amazing mix of music.

“I’ve dabbled with running off and on all my life,” Julie explains. “It kicked up a notch when I stayed on a friend’s farm in Macclesfield for three months last year, in an effort to get away from distractions and progress my third album.

“The surrounding landscape had a great effect on me and contrasted greatly with my noisy, cramped, city edge tower block life.

“Many things unfolded while I was in that environment: a sense of deep time, slowness, awareness of weather patterns, birds I had never seen – buzzards and kites! The joy of small things such as moss, mist hanging in the woods and… running.

“I ran several times a week, through woods, undulating terrain, uphill, through streams, in lashing rain and beating sun, eventually running several miles across the hills, enraptured by the expanses of sublime landscape. 

“Now back in the tower block I still try to run, but street-running is very different, and I use it as a way to see parts of the city I’m less familiar with, though safety is a constant issue, and in a specific way for female runners. 

“Running undoubtedly improves my mental health and gets me out of my head. The simple action of moving one’s body through the landscape is very simple and powerful. The idea of lone ultra running fascinates me and really appeals.

“I have to confess I now favour running without listening to music, but this playlist is the kind of thing I would listen to… hypnotic, uplifting.”

Here is the full tracklisting:

Benjamin Britten ‘Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes’ (excerpt)
Kraftwerk ‘Tour De France’ (remix)
Underworld ‘Rez’
Oren Ambarchi ‘Hubris, Pt.1’ (excerpt)
Sandoz ‘Glass Factory’
Invisible Girls ‘Huddersfield Wastes’
Big Hard Excellent Fish ‘Imperfect List’
The Durutti Column ‘Sketch For Dawn (II)”

LoneLady photographed by Rachel Lipsitz