Take a day trip to France with the latest Forty Days mix

We miss France and travelling on trains and Le Tour. The fourth of our regular mixes is a muddle of memories and melodies inspired by all of those things and more that has got us through the various mountain stages of the past few weeks. So, grab your inhaler, a coffee and a croissant and take out une heure for a quick time trial.

Here’s the full tracklisting:

Kraftwerk ‘Prologue’
Etienne Daho ‘Au Commencement’
Squarepusher ‘Midi Sans Frontiere (Avec Batterie)’
Andrew Tuttle ‘Vienna Intersection’
Woodleigh Research Facility ‘Your Beard Has A Name’
Cavern Of Anti-Matter ‘Planetary Folklore’
Sonic Boom ‘On A Summer’s Day’
Kraftwerk ‘Régéneration’
Pale Cocoon ‘Musoukyoku’
Sonic Youth ‘Les Anges Au Piano’
Disappears + Steve Shelley + White/Light – ‘Interpretes’
Pure X ‘Middle America’
Mogwai feat. Roky Erickson ‘Devil Rides’
Mary Lattimore ‘Dreaming Of The Kelly Pool’
Reload ‘Le Soleil Et La Mer’ (Black Dog Productions Remix)
Françoise Hardy ‘Never Learn To Cry’
Air ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’
Etienne Daho ‘Me Manquer (Londres En Été) (Air Remix)