bdrmm’s debut album is out now and it’s a “shoegaze classic”

bdrmm’s debut album, Bedroom, is out now.


We have been telling you for months that it is an incredible and important record, thankfully lots of people agree with us:

“A modern day shoegaze classic” – NME

“There is something about the blend of sweet melody, hypnotic rhythm and
horrible noise on bdrmm’s debut that gets under your skin”  – The Times

“bdrmm’s world of noise is so artfully constructed it’s hard to not find yourself lost within it” – Q

“Elements of Slowdive, The Cure, The Jesus And Mary Chain and Ride all wrapped up in delicious bittersweet melancholy of shoegaze and wanderlust” – Louder Than War

“Manna for fans of inventive happy-sad ’80s guitar pop” – MOJO

“Takes in krautrock, shoegaze and lo-fi indie-pop but always with a soft, warm edge” – Uncut

“The five-piece don’t regurgitate their favourite records – instead, they refine them into a sound that, although ‘classic’, is their own” – Secret Meeting

“You can make out the ghostly shapes of bands from 30 years ago in the thick, hazy guitars, chiming melodies and washed-out vocals… but bdrmm bring it to life with an intensity of focus that goes beyond nostalgia” – Financial Times

“As with the best examples of shoegaze, each of the ten items on the tracklist are a vessel of pure feeling, in the intersection where accessible pop meets abstract sound design” – Riot Mag

“bdrmm are young but they clearly understand the power and allure of distorted, effects-laden guitars and the loud-quiet-loud dynamic” – Brooklyn Vegan

“The general roller coaster of being twenty-somethings in post-Brexit England who find themselves awash with a shimmering soundscape that recalls Oshin-era DIIV, Deerhunter’s Microcastle, or even The Cure at their most ambiently grandiose” – Under The Radar

“A harrowing yet majestic musical journey” – Record Collector

“Magnificent… wonderfully dark and imposing” – Gold Flake Paint

“Much more than a genre piece, it’s a vital delve into the power of our communal isolation” – Clash

“At a time when we’re all looking for aural salvation from the chaotic inundation of all that is happening around us, bdrmm are the salve that eases the wounds of an archaic society, showing that anxieties are a natural flow of life” – Gigwise

“Possesses the same sort of atmospheric value as watching dusk mellow into dawn in seamless fast forward… a stunning and candid work induced by the very traumas and anxieties of living” – So Young

“It will make you nostalgic for those hazy summer days where nothing much was done but time was never wasted” – Yuck

“In navigating a route through the choppy waters of growing up and self-discovery to whatever lies beyond, bdrmm have crafted a hugely impressive debut – one you can really lose yourself in” – The Arts Desk

“Assured and brilliant” – The Line Of Best Fit

“The musical and emotional swell reaches a pinnacle on the belligerent bravura of penultimate song ‘Is That What You Wanted To Hear?’ The answer is ‘yes’. Very much so” – The i Paper

“Set to be one of the best British guitar debuts of 2020” – Norman

Photograph by Sam Joyce