In Her Gentle Jaws by The Depreciation Guild – selected by Iván González (Linda Guilala)

I think it is not a well-known or well-recognised album, but for me it is a masterpiece from beginning to end, from the cover to the master.

I can say that the album came into my life at a time when shoegaze and dreampop seemed a continuous repetition of the same topics.

The combination of drum machines and electric guitars is nothing new, but the way the band do it on this album – as well as the incorporation of 8-bit synthesizers and rhythms – makes this album particularly good and different from what other bands were doing at that time.

Beyond the production, which makes a difference, and beyond all the aesthetic elements that envelop the album, this is simply a great collection of sublime pop songs.

I keep listening to it at least once a week and it still seems new to me.