Stuart Jones designs this week’s Running Shoes mix

This week’s twelfth and final (for now) Running Shoes mix has been put together by the other half of our long-suffering twin design duo, Stuart Jones. It manages to cram in everything from My Bloody Valentine to Underworld, Kraftwerk and Patrick Cowley into 40 minutes.

“I don’t run very much. I’ve tried the Couch To 5k a few times, but usually give up when it gets to the ‘and now run for 15 minutes’ stage,” explains Stuart of his on-off relationship with running. “But at the start of the year, I did try to get back into it – running on the treadmill in the gym about three times a week.

“Of course, lockdown put paid to that. And I was put off running outdoors last year when someone in my local pub said he’d seen me running up the road and that I looked a right state… Anyway, this mix is made up of fairly steady, ploddy rhythms, which is a fair representation of my running style. And there’s a bit of shoegaze in there, too.

“It was made in Adobe Auditon, which I’d never used before, so apologies if the sound levels are all over the place.

“One more thing – at 20 minutes in, there’s a loud whoop on one of the tracks. So when you hear that, you can congratulate yourself that you’re exactly half way through your run. You’re on the home stretch after that. Keep going; you’ve got this.”

The full tracklisting is:

Plyci ‘Amaris’
Lush ‘Undertow’ (Spooky Remix)
Underworld ‘Dark & Long’ (Halls Edit)
Kraftwerk ‘The Telephone Call’
My Bloody Valentine ‘Soon’ (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
Chaz Jankel ‘Glad To Know You’ (Todd Terje Edit)
Cerrone ‘Supernature’
Patrick Cowley ‘Megatron Man’ (Radio Edit)
Denim ‘Running In The City’
New Order ‘Confused Beats’
Richard Denton & Martin Cook ‘Tomorrow’s World’
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx ‘Running’
Pet Shop Boys ‘Flamboyant’ (Michael Mayer Kompakt Mix)
Werner Muller ‘The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner’
Delia Derbyshire ‘Running’