Pre-order Mark Peters’ collaboration with Clem Leek

Mark Peters has recorded a brand new collaboration with composer and sound artist Clem Leek as part of the Thesis Project.

The four-track EP will be released on November 1, both digitally and on a 10” limited to just 300 copies with a handmade sleeve. Pre-order it here.

Speaking about the genesis of the EP, Mark said: “Going back to the early Engineers days, I have always approached producing music in a semi-architectural sense. I’m the son of a builder and recording software almost encourages it. Working from the ground up and often reinforcing elements to create a strong upward sweep.

“Great buildings sometimes have Impractical, idiosyncratic elements and this to me is echoed in fragile, imperfect human touches that provide an element of intimacy to the main spectacle.

“Working away from the computer encouraged me to work in a much different way. Focusing on the slow-moving drift of clouds, or the way that wind blows trees to create random patterns made for much different and freer creative process. The asymmetry and the intuitive, abstract rhythms of the natural world are a much more attractive stimulus than a grey computer monitor interface and I think is apparent in the music we have recorded – finding patterns in the formless.”