Andy Bell’s The View From Halfway Down is out now

Andy Bell’s debut solo album, The View From Halfway Down, is out now. We’ve spent the last few months telling you how good it is, and thankfully quite a few people agree. Here are some of the nice things that have been said in print and online:

“The kind of solo record you want from someone who is happy with his day job – a loose, fun, experimental and memorable companion piece to his band” – Brooklyn Vegan

“A fine blend of psych-pop, folk finger-picking, and home made electronics” – Clash

“Experimentation is evenly balanced with his love of ’60s classicism, exemplified beautifully on ‘Skywalker’’s cosmic expansiveness, ‘Indica’’s looped intensity and the nocturnal flow of ‘Heat Haze On Weyland Road’” – MOJO 4/5

“Strong solo debut from the Ride man” – Uncut 8/10

“A debut album of cosmic delight” – Electronic Sound

“The dynamic shifts and sonic swerves display impressive range and scope married to a singular vision. It’s this use of colour – tone, texture and ombre that makes ‘The View From Halfway Down’ look very appealing indeed” – The Arts Desk

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If you wanted to hear more about the influences behind the album, listen to Stewart Nash’s in-depth interview with Andy on Rave Down Radio below:

There is also a Spotify playlist of the full versions of the songs from this show, including David Bowie, A.R. Kane, Arthur Russell, Big Star and more: