Andy Bell opens Cherry Cola; shares Pye Corner Audio remix

Andy Bell releases ‘Cherry Cola’ as the second single from his debut album The View From Halfway Down on November 27.

‘Cherry Cola’ mixes folky guitar with an almost funky backing, which sounds not a million miles from The Beta Band, but was actually inspired by his love of Sault and especially their track ‘Living In America’.

According to Andy, he first wrote a version of the song almost 20 years ago when he was living in Sweden.

“It’s gone through many changes and rewrites since then,” he explains, “but it’s a very special song to me. It gives me a lovely sense of déjà vu. It’s not musical, it’s not a memory, it’s something in between and it’s very dreamlike.”

The single adds an acoustic version, plus a brilliant new remix by Pye Corner Audio which adds a slow and subtle acid fizz to proceedings. You can watch the video for the remix above. It was premiered yesterday on Brooklyn Vegan, along with a story on how it came about after the two met at the Sonic Cathedral 15th birthday party in October 2019.