Cheval Sombre’s new album Time Waits for No One is out now

Cheval Sombre’s new album, Time Waits for No One, is out now.

It is his first solo release for over eight years, following 2018’s critically acclaimed collaboration with Galaxie 500 and Luna frontman Dean Wareham, and the first of two new albums this year, both of which have been produced by Sonic Boom.

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It ushers in his most prolific period, and serendipitously the world has finally slowed down to his pace. This is no lockdown record, but Cheval Sombre’s reclusive, reflective music is its perfect soundtrack. And it’s not just us who thinks so:

“Beautiful and subtle… music that is restrained but not timid, similar in feel to the swirly, wobbly soundscapes produced by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave”  – Uncut

“Sombre’s unhurried attitude extends to his sound, adjacent to Spacemen 3’s narcoleptic blues, though his parched voice and Wild West vibe carves its own niche” – MOJO

“Ten drawn-out, minimalist pieces that combine sparse acoustic guitar, otherworldly shimmer and almost whispered vocals, repeating hypnotic mantras for desolate times” – Shindig!

“Cheval’s music was already on the Velvet Underground end of the dreampop spectrum, but Sonic Boom takes it into the stratosphere with layers of glistening synths and strings” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Time Waits For No One is not without its darknesses, its sadnesses, but they’re approached with the calm, supplicant grace that sits right in the heart of such feelings; and it is bloody beautiful” – Backseat Mafia

“Dreamy, spaced-out folk” – The New Cue

“Time Waits for No One feels like the hazy space in between dreaming and waking… close your eyes and let yourself sink into it” – Loud And Quiet

“A collection that casts an immersive spell worth succumbing to” – Concrete Islands

Photograph by Luz Gallardo