Andy Bell’s See My Friends EP is out now; watch new video

The video for the Pye Corner Audio remix of ‘The Commune’

The second of Andy Bell’s Ever Decreasing Circles EPs is out today (May 14) on a limited edition yellow vinyl 10” and across all digital platforms.

The See My Friends EP features the two sides of Andy’s debut single – originally released as a super-limited 7” as part of the Sonic Cathedral Singles Club at the tail-end of 2019 – with the original B-side, ‘The Commune’, now taking centre stage.

The song, with its repeated mantra of “I wanna see my friends tonight, if it’s the last thing I do”, has taken on new meaning since the start of lockdown and now seems more relevant than ever, as we can see our friends once again – even if it’s while shivering or getting rained on in a pub beer garden (well, until next Monday, at least).

The original versions of ‘The Commune’, and its flipside ‘Plastic Bag’, have been remastered by Heba Kadry and are joined by remixes of both tracks by Pye Corner Audio, who has given the Alex Chilton-meets-Arthur Russell and Plastic Ono Band-meets-Perfect Prescription feel of the originals an analogue electronic pulse.

“Martin [Jenkins, aka Pye Corner Audio] is so good with slower tempo electronic stuff,” says Andy. “What he came up with is perfect for these songs, he enhanced the originals massively.”

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