Listen to the latest Running Shoes playlist by Dot Allison

This week’s Running Shoes playlist has been put together by Dot Allison. A great selection of 15 tunes for exercising the body or the mind. Click above to listen.

“A dodgy tune when exercising can pull you out of the moment,” she tells us, “and in my case I feel the lactic acid all of a sudden and the workout becomes an extra level of punishing. Like when a crap actor pulls you out of a film and suddenly you’re back in the room.”

There are no dodgy tunes or crap actors here, just a selection of aceness from Füxa, Laurie Spiegel, Linda Perhacs, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Low, Brian Eno and many more.

Dot’s new album Heart-Shaped Scars came out last week, and it’s an incredible piece of work.