Martin Carr’s new solo single Flames is out now

The brand new Martin Carr single ‘Flames’ is out now on all digital platforms.

The former Boo Radleys songwriter and guitarist’s first release fore Sonic Cathedral is a fascinating three minutes, which takes in odd, Oneohtrix Point Never-style experimentation before bursting into a brilliant, Beatles-esque chorus.

“I wrote it on the guitar, it’s very simple, then I started throwing sounds at it,” Martin explains. “I love to make collages and my music production method is identical. I move stuff around; I cut and bend and turn. I’m not after any particular sound or style, I try to be disciplined in the studio, but I wouldn’t want anything to dampen the thrill of inspiration that moves so fast, you can’t catch it all.”

Lyrically, the song is all about communication, or the lack of it. “I’m a terrible communicator,” he says. “I’m self-absorbed and hardly have time for anything that lies beyond the front door.”

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