bdrmm release new Working Men’s Club remix of Port

There’s a brand new remix of the bdrmm single ‘Port’ by Working Men’s Club out today (December 3). It’s available on all digital platforms, including Bandcamp as it’s the last Bandcamp Friday of the year.

The original version of ‘Port’ was released to great acclaim in October and sounded not unlike the Low of Double Negative deconstructing The Temptations’ ‘I Know I’m Losing You’, this new version, reworked on the road by Working Men’s Club, ups the BPMs and ends up sounding somewhere between New Order’s ‘Sub-Culture’ and some long-lost early Warp Records classic.

“I’ve been really into bdrmm for a while now, so was pleasantly surprised to get asked to remix ‘Port’,” says WMC mainman Syd Minsky-Sargeant. “I instantly thought the track was brilliant and loved the minimalist and dry approach they’d taken sonically – it gave me loads to work around.”

“I’ve always been very excited about Working Men’s Club and was keen to see how they would mould our vision into their own sound,” says bdrmm singer/guitarist Ryan Smith. “Needless to say, they exceeded any expectations I already had. The remix absolutely pops and just when you think it’s over, it hits you harder than before. And it was made in a fucking tour bus? Unreal!”